"Saving Energy One Building At A Time"



Eco Green Glass (EGG) is a new company registered in Georgia.

The process EGG uses has been issued United States Patent No. 7,371,153, European Patent 1,924,404, and Canadian Patent 2,627,205   This glass etching process was developed by Basil Haslett (the patent holder/inventor).  

He used the process to create exquisite works of art that are on display in both the United States and the United Kingdom.  See our parent company’s Website, www.GlassCraftEurope.com.

The portable etching process gives exceptional flexibility in etching all glass including onsite glazing.  The process is different from traditional etching techniques as it is environmentally friendly. The etching is extremely precise from 0.03 of an inch to many square yards, allowing the creation of intricate or large designs. 



Etch any type of glass including Fire Resistant Glass, Bullet Proof Glass and Tempered Glass.

Etch any size of glass on site. Reduce Adverse Effects of Solar Heat Gain.

Reduce Ultraviolet


Future Sustainable Strategy

EGG Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) Reduction Properties will be used as a form of passive climate control.

  • REDUCE    Energy Required for Heating and Cooling

  • REDUCE    Building’s Carbon Footprint

  • REDUCE    Harmful Effects of Solar Energy

Permanently etch your company’s logo to existing glass doors and windows in the firm’s conference room and other highly visible areas. Add to the image of your company leaving a lasting impression with customers and clients. This can be done in the traditional frosted finish or in color.


Permanent Signage In High Traffic Areas

Eliminate the recurring and escalating costs associated with replacing PVC signage on glass.

For example, etched signage in airports, hospitals, and high traffic areas for the lifetime of the glass.


Private Areas

Create uniquely attractive areas of privacy on glass partitions, shower doors, or any glass area where light is welcomed but eyes are not.


Diffuse The Adverse Effects

Of Solar Energy

Glass etched with the process diffuses solar energy entering the room leading to less fading of interior materials; for example curtains, furniture, carpet, flooring, etc.

Create a comfortable work environment by eliminating the reflective solar glare from monitors and other workplace equipment.  Attractive glass atriums will be considerably cooler after being etched with no significant reduction in ambient light. 


Safe Alternative To PVC

The EGG etching process avoids the harmful effects of DEHP (di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate), a chemical that seeps out of PVC into the environment. Hospitals and medical facilities are phasing out the use of PVC.  PVC has been proven to harbor harmful bacteria, the EGG process is completely bacteria free.



Contact Details

EGG    part of Glass Craft USA.llc

Atlanta GA 30309

Email : info@ecogreenglass.com

Tel: 770 220 0666

Cell: 678 571 7903